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Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The majority of households in this country now have modern condensing boilers. What is surprising however is that Primary Water Filters are often not installed as part of the installation.

The Primary water in a central heating system is what is heated up inside the boiler before flowing around the circuit of radiators back to the boiler. If the water is not treated and filtered, it causes the radiators to rot inside (corrosion). Poor water quality is the most common reason for boilers breaking down.

The most common symptom of corrosion within a heating system is black sludge (a bit like back rust). Over time this sludge builds up and, if not treated, and can cause damage to boiler components.

Adey Magnetic Filter

A good installer will recommend a good quality filter which is usually fixed to the return pipe underneath the boiler.

The filter on the left is a good quality filter fitted to the return pipe.

The filter has a powerful magnet inside which attracts the sludge to it as it passes through the pipework. The filter should be cleaned every year as part of the annual service (if done properly). It is also important to add an inhibitor to the Primary Water as this minimises corrosion.

Having a filter installed on a heating system should prolong the lifespan. It will also minimise expensive repairs and the system will run more efficiently.This is because the boiler will not need to work as hard to reach desired temperatures. A filter will probably pay for itself within 3 years.

A good filter will cost between £60-100 and you should allow up to £120 for installation (depending on what work is needed).

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