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Updated: Dec 3, 2018

It’s surprising how many home owners have a new boiler and then forget to get it serviced each year.

Having your boiler serviced properly, will make it last longer and work more efficiently. This will also reduce the amount it costs to run it. Manufacturer also stipulate in their warranties that an annual service is required for breakdown cover to apply.

Failure to have it serviced (as with any gas appliance) also means that you are missing the opportunity to identify problems that may arise such as:-

· Carbon Monoxide leaks which will be identified. This silent invisible gas can kill.

· Failing components which can be identified and replaced, preventing a break down.

· Your warranty (if you have one) being void.

What Should a Service Entail?

Often, you will find that a Gas Engineer will have a check inside the casing for leaks and then insert a probe into the Flue to analyse the gases. In the midlands the average charge is around £75.

An engineer should always ask for a copy of the boiler manual, not least so that a log can be created of the service. The manual will explain what should be carried out as part of the service and at what intervals.

As a general rule of thumb, you would expect the engineer to do the following:-

· Ask if there have been any issues.

· Visually inspect the boiler/including the entire length of the flue.

· Inspect the condensate run.

· Carry out a Flue Gas Analysis.

· Ensure that the location is ok.

· Measure the inlet pressure and carry out a gas rate (this means checking at the gas meter)

· Look at the water pressure and, if necessary, re-charge the expansion vessel.

· Check the Pressure Release Valve (PRV) for leaks or corrosion.

· Test safety devices.

· Record the service in the boiler manual.

If the manufacturer recommends it, the engineer should also:

· Remove the burner box, clean the heat exchange, flame rectification probes and check the spark gap.

· Inspect insulation panels.

· Replace seals.

· Check dilution level of inhibitor and top up as necessary.

· Bleed vent points.

The cheapest way to maintain your boiler is to pay a good local Gas Safe Engineer that you can trust to carry out an annual service.

Are Service Contracts Good Value?

Many people have boiler cover which includes an annual service.

A boiler servicing contract generally costs between £225 and £250 per year. Also, if it breaks down, there is usually a high excess. Also, the engineers that work for these big companies are so busy that they rarely do a proper service. It can also take days to get an engineer out.

In 2018, Which Magazine, carried out a study which showed that 97% of people would have saved money by using a local engineer.

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